American Girl dolls

This page is about my dolls, which appear on this blog often. 
Some of these dolls are mine, and some are my sisters, who doesn't want them anymore.


                             This is Lilah, a MyAG #22. 
    This is Mia, my sister's American Girl Girl Of The Year doll of     2008.
            This is Nellie, A retired American Girl best friends doll.

This is Molly, a retired historical American Girl doll. 

This is Samantha, my sister's American Girl Historical doll. 

This is Maria, a Springfield doll that I customized.

This is Mae, an American Girl Just Like You #33 doll. 

This is Abilieen, an American Girl Truly Me #44 doll. 

This is Kit, My sister's American Girl Historical doll. 

This is Jane, An American Girl Historical doll. 

This is Kaya, An American Girl Beforever doll. 

This is Gloria, an American Girl Truly Me #58.

This is Elizabeth, a retired American Girl Historical doll. 

Pictures of Hannah and Juliana coming soon!


  1. Your doll Nellie sounds a lot like my doll Kit!

    Now for controlling frizzy hair... Well, I got Josefina from my cousin a couple months back. No matter how much I brushed it, it was still knotted and awful. Then a couple weeks ago I sprayed her hair with water, then tied it up in seven seperate little buns. When I took her hair out it was wavy and super smooth. I don't know if it works on all dolls, but it sure worked for me.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try that:)

  2. i think I like Katie Mae best!
    ~samantha from agdollawesome
    Thanks for commenting so much on my site! i really appreciate it!

  3. Hey Lilah! Your dolls are absolutely beautiful! Your photography of the beautiful dolls is breathtakingly amazing! Just came across your blog (and I think you just came across mine!) and what can I say? I love it! You're inspiring me left and right! :)

    Allie D.

    1. Thank you! That is the nicest comment :) Yes, I did just come across yours, and I love it too! I am SO glad I inspired you :) Thank you so much.


  4. Lilah, Gloria and Abileen are so sweet!!!!! Please check out my blog at


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