Idea for this picture credit goes to Hayley from Flourishing By Restful Falls

Hello and welcome to A World Of Magic. Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy reading my posts. You've probably come to this page to learn more about me, the author, so here you go!

                                                                        I am a writer
                                            I am a lover of books
                                              I am a photographer
                                             I collect dolls
                                               I am an animal lover
                                           I like drawing & art
                                               I am homeschooled
                                                 I like baking
                                             I love sweets
                                   I love holidays and event planning
         I love fashion but I also love lazy days and being comfy

                                          Have fun exploring my blog!


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  2. Hi, there, Lilah! Your blog is really nice. Keep up the good work! :)
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