Friday, March 25, 2016

Writing prompts

Hey guys! Clara @ posted her writing for write this. Her writing was really good, and I decided to try the prompt myself! Here goes...


Her face was hidden behind the worn cover of the book. I couldn’t see her eyes but I imagine they were wide with wonder, or maybe tears were spilling out of them, and crawling slowly down her cheeks. Perhaps they were closed, because she was pondering something in the story, or letting the story sink in. 

The sun shone high above her, and illuminated her straight, coffee colored hair. It was tied in a bun with a silk red ribbon, and wisps of her soft hair fell out and billowed in the gentle wind. She was sitting on the ground, which was warm from the sun. The hem of her dark cotton dress had a dusting of dirt, but she didn’t care, she was too engrossed in the words. She wore a pocket watch as a necklace, and the chain lay against her chest, and the white peter pan neckline of her dress. She loved wearing that dress, it made her feel fancy, like she should be having tea in Wonderland, but she loved reading even more, because it was the only way to get there. 

After I finished that I found another prompt that I thought was interesting. This one is also from

Drip. I felt the first rain drop fall on my scalp. It rolled off a piece of my hair, one of which made up my short, black bangs, and ran down onto my forehead. It made it’s way down to my pale cheek before I lifted my hand and touched it with my finger. I lowered my hand again and examined the water on my finger tip. As I looked at it, more water streamed down my cheeks, only this time it wasn’t rain. Once more I raised my hand to my cheek. I looked at my two pointer fingers. The water on them looked the same, except one was salt water, and one was rain water. I stared at my fingers so long I forgot which one was which. More tears came and more rain came. I was sitting cross legged the ground, and eventually I peeled my eyes away from my hands and watched the ants on the sidewalk scurrying to find shelter from the rain. They looked unfazed, even though if a single drop of water landed on them, they would be gone forever. This made me cry harder, and I realized that I didn’t know why I started crying in the first place. The rain poured from the heavens, and my thin cotton nightgown became soaked, but I didn’t mind. I find peace in the rain. 

That one is my favorite of the two. Which one is your favorite? Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The moon, a church, and a tiny purple men.

Lately I have been experimenting with my camera, and pretty much taking pictures of everything. Even tiny purple men. Scroll down to see what I mean:

Well that was a random bunch of pictures. Even so, I hope you enjoyed! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Bring It On Tour

Hey Y'all! What's up??
My week has been cra-zy, between getting my cast off (and the pin taken out. *Shudders*), to having a nightmarish babysitting experience (don't even ask.) But there was some good stuff like the Kutless concert my family went to. It was awesome with a capital a. If you don't know who Kutless is, they are a christen rock band. Surprisingly, Kutless wasn't the best part of the concert. They had three other people perform (7eventh Time Down, Meredith Kinleigh, and Natasha Owens.) My favorite was 7eventh Time Down. I may have even bought a bracelet :o

Image result for natasha owensImage result for 7eventh time down
                      I loved all the people that preformed!! 

I took some pictures and to share with you!!! I actually took videos too, but blogger says an error occurs every time I try and put them on here :(

Dosen't everybody use their dog to model their bracelets? Oh, they don't? *blushes*

It was an awesome night :D And since I can't put videos on here, I'll leave you with some links for youtube videos so you can check out the bands yourself. 

Have fun checking out and falling in love with their music!

P.S Sorry if you've noticed some things on my blog that aren't right, for example the extra picture of Natasha Owens up there ^ . My about my dolls page is also mysteriously missing, even though it is published. Hopefully I will figure everything out soon!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Keeper of the Lost Cities drawings & review

Hi! Recently I've been on a reading kick. Yesterday I finished a book called Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. I really enjoyed reading it:D
So, I drew some pictures of the characters (what I think they look like, not necessarily as they are described,) so I thought I'd show you my drawings and do a review of the book! 

First off, the review:
When I first started this book, I didn't like it, and I even considered not finishing it, but the story was intriguing so I kept going. The one big thing I didn't like about it was the pace. Shannon Messenger kind of just jumped into the story, without enough backstory of Sophie, the main character (in my opinion.) I also didn't like how Fitz kind of just walked up to her and was like "Hey, your an elf." and Sophie kind of just went with it. But after I got passed the beginning, I fell in love with the story. I loved the setting, the lost cities, and I loved the adventures that Sophie and her friends go on. Keeper of the Lost cities is a fast-paced novel with lovable characters and a captivating plot. I definitely recommend it! 

And now for the drawings...

Some of these are inspired by Keeper of the Cities fan art 
I saw on Google. I watermarked them so people can't steal them. Sorry, I know it's annoying.

This is the whole page in my sketch book. 

This is Sophie Foster, the main character.

This is Dex Dizznee, Sophie's best friend.

This is Biana Vacker, Fitz's sister.

This is Keefe Sencen, Fitz's best friend. 

This is Fitz Vacker, and I blurred out a lot of the picture because I horribly misspelled his very simple name  (I'm blaming it on the fact that I was watching a movie while drawing Fitz.) XD. 

This is off topic, but I got my cast off yesterday! For those of you who don't know, I broke two bones in my wrist while snowboarding a couple weeks ago. Now I just have to wear a splint for two weeks :D

So, which drawing is your favorite? 
Have you read Keeper of the Lost Cities?
Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pictures & a surprise!

Hey guys! Today I have pictures of my American Girl doll Gloria. Enjoy! 

Gloria is the cutest doll ever omg XD So here's the surprise..... I took these with my new camera! I decided that I had been using my sister's camera for too long, so I went and bought myself a Nikon  Coolpix S9900 and I love it! These pictures were taken in auto, but it also has an option for manual settings :D  I haven't done much with it yet, but so far I totally recommend it! I hope to have more pictures that I've taken with it up on the blog soon! 
Have a super duper wonderifical day <3

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The blogger recognition award

Hey guys! I got nominated for the Blogger Recignition award. Thank you Kara!

What's Supposed to Happen:

  • Tell how your blog got started and give a bit of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate bloggers to receive the award and notify them on their blog. No tag backs. 
  • I am also supposed to link back to the original post but I do not feel comfterbal linking back to a blog that I am not familiar with. If you want to see the blog that created this award, please look at Kara's blog. 

How my blog got started:
My blog started when I was a wee youngster, and my Mom and sister had blogs but not me. I was intrigued by this thing called blogging and vio-la. A World of Magic was born. 

My tips to new bloggers:
Ok, first of all, views and comments aren't everything. I get it, it's nice to know that somebody likes what you've put a lot of work into, but if blogging makes you happy, you should do it for you, not for someone else. Somebody else is always going to have more than you (followers, views, comments, etc,) so be thankful for the people and viewers you do have! 

If you want more viewers though, here are some tips:

  • Simply be nice! Comment on other peoples blogs, and complement them. Chances are, they'll want to check out this super sweet person who leaves nice comments on their blog. 
  • Make sure your blog design is fun- but not cluttered! You can get some great blog backgrounds at
  • Be patient! I've had my blog for six years and my blog is by no means popular, but I have 28 more followers than when I started, so I consider it a success :D 
  • Try to take nice pictures! You don't need a fancy camera to do so. Play around with angles and lighting and you're sure to get some good ones! 
I wish I could nominate everybody! Instead of risking people feeling left out, I nominate anybody who's birth date is an odd number! 

In conclusion, I hope this helps any new bloggers out there! I love blogging and I hope you do too :D

Friday, March 11, 2016

An explanation of my absence

You've probably noticed that I haven't posted in an eternity. Sigh... Life has been crazy. Broken wrists, the flu, the stomach bug oh my! 
I broke two bones in my wrist snowboarding in February, and while I thought it was healing, the bone was actually collapsing upon itself in there, so I had to have surgery to straiten it out with a metal pin. I still have my second cast on now.  I get it off next week. 

While I was recovering from surgery (I technically still am now, but I mean earlier,) I picked up the flu from the kids I babysit. In case you are wondering, no, it is not fun having metal in your arm and having post-nasal drip at the same time. As soon as I recovered from the flu, I got hit hard with the stomach bug. I'll try not to get too graphic, but lets just say I spent my weekend with my head in a bowl. Here's hoping the rest of 2016 is better than these past two months. 

On the bright side I am FINALLY healthy and I am anxious to blog again! I will try my hardest to blog at least once a week, hopefully twice or three times, if I can find the time. Now that I am healthy things have been kind of crazy because of my homeschool classes. I have lots of things going on like sign language class, writing class, Babysitting, Cello (once I get my cast off. I can't wait!) and loads more. Still, I will make time for blogging!!! Stay tuned for more posts :D <3 

Hopefully this will be my last post with this signature... I am switching my blog to a spring theme, if you haven't noticed :D