Friday, May 6, 2016

American Girl release

Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on American Girl's latest release. 

This isn't the whole release, just the stuff for dolls.   I left out one thing because I couldn't find a picture, but you can find everything at

                           First up is Lea's Celebration Outfit.

This is really cute! I've actually liked this ever since I saw a leaked photo before Lea was released. I pretty much like everything about it, the dress, the shoes, and the headband! I also think Lea looks beautiful in it! This may end up on my birthday list :) :)

Next up is Lea's Beach Picnic Set. 

I do not like this. There is nothing that makes me want to buy this! I mean, the stuff is cute, but for thirty four dollars? No thank you! 

Next up is the Stars & Stripes Set
Ok, what?? You can get miniature plastic food and a piece of fabric  for thirty for dollars, or you get get two outfits for thirty four dollars. How is that right?? I would much rather spend my money on this. I mean, look at those little goggles! I really like this, although I wish they were two $17 dollar sets. That way if you just wanted the swim outfit, you wouldn't also have to buy the gymnastics outfit. 

Next up is the Spirit Squad Outfit.

This is super cute! I love the little pom poms. I most likely won't be getting this, but it is very cute! 

Next up is the Pomeranian Puppy

I really don't understand American Girl pets. It is a thirty dollar stuffed animal! I don't really get why you would buy this if you can use a regular old stuffed animal. That being said, this is very cute, I just won't be purchasing it. 

Next up is the Fur-rocias Pet Outfit

What. Even. Is. This? 
The only good think about this is the frisbee. The outfit itself, and the price is not my cup of tea. 

Next up is the Galaxy Pet Bed
This is really cute! I like the colors a lot. 

Next up is the Rainbow Collar & Leash. 
This is okay. Not great, but not bad. 

Next up is the Fruity Fun Outfit

This would have been mine when I was younger and still into Bitty Babies. It is so cute! I also think it would be cute if it was a bit bigger, for Truly Me dolls. 

Finally, Bitty's Gown & Bonnet
This is so sweet, but I am a bit confused by it. It seems to be for a christening, but I got the impression that American Girl was not Christian after they featured a gay couple in their magazine. I was a bit surprised, but I still like this. 

And that wraps up this post! 
Do you agree with me? Disagree with me? I'd love to know!
Thanks for reading!