Friday, April 29, 2016

Project Mc2 doll pictures & review.

Hello! Today I have some pictures of my Project Mc2 doll, Mckeyla McAlister. I will also add a little review at the end, because the photoshoot is too short.

Yes, I know that was super short... I really thought that I had more pictures! Anyways, here is the review!

This is what the doll looks like when you buy her. She comes with a sewn on hat (I cut mine off,) a comb for her hair, an "I didn't know what to wear today so I put on this T-shirt" shirt, a pair of floral shorts, white and red socks, and purple boots, that I must admit, are so cute I want some for myself. Mckeyla has green eyes with really long eyelashes, and dark brown hair that is fun to style. 

Long hair that is easy to brush
Cute clothes (In my opinion.. XD ) 
Comes with a comb
Doll can do lots of poses

Head is very loose and resembles a bobble head
Hat sewn to hair
Lots of hair falls off at first

Touching a bit more on the last one:
When you first unbox the doll, a lot falls out, but it gets better the more you brush it. 

Overall I totally recommend project MC2 dolls! I have two, Mckeyla, the one pictured above, and the Camryn Coyle doll. You can purchase these dolls at Target or Toys R Us's website (You might be able to get them at the store, but I'm not sure.) 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

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