Friday, March 25, 2016

Writing prompts

Hey guys! Clara @ posted her writing for write this. Her writing was really good, and I decided to try the prompt myself! Here goes...


Her face was hidden behind the worn cover of the book. I couldn’t see her eyes but I imagine they were wide with wonder, or maybe tears were spilling out of them, and crawling slowly down her cheeks. Perhaps they were closed, because she was pondering something in the story, or letting the story sink in. 

The sun shone high above her, and illuminated her straight, coffee colored hair. It was tied in a bun with a silk red ribbon, and wisps of her soft hair fell out and billowed in the gentle wind. She was sitting on the ground, which was warm from the sun. The hem of her dark cotton dress had a dusting of dirt, but she didn’t care, she was too engrossed in the words. She wore a pocket watch as a necklace, and the chain lay against her chest, and the white peter pan neckline of her dress. She loved wearing that dress, it made her feel fancy, like she should be having tea in Wonderland, but she loved reading even more, because it was the only way to get there. 

After I finished that I found another prompt that I thought was interesting. This one is also from

Drip. I felt the first rain drop fall on my scalp. It rolled off a piece of my hair, one of which made up my short, black bangs, and ran down onto my forehead. It made it’s way down to my pale cheek before I lifted my hand and touched it with my finger. I lowered my hand again and examined the water on my finger tip. As I looked at it, more water streamed down my cheeks, only this time it wasn’t rain. Once more I raised my hand to my cheek. I looked at my two pointer fingers. The water on them looked the same, except one was salt water, and one was rain water. I stared at my fingers so long I forgot which one was which. More tears came and more rain came. I was sitting cross legged the ground, and eventually I peeled my eyes away from my hands and watched the ants on the sidewalk scurrying to find shelter from the rain. They looked unfazed, even though if a single drop of water landed on them, they would be gone forever. This made me cry harder, and I realized that I didn’t know why I started crying in the first place. The rain poured from the heavens, and my thin cotton nightgown became soaked, but I didn’t mind. I find peace in the rain. 

That one is my favorite of the two. Which one is your favorite? Thanks for reading!


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