Sunday, March 13, 2016

The blogger recognition award

Hey guys! I got nominated for the Blogger Recignition award. Thank you Kara!

What's Supposed to Happen:

  • Tell how your blog got started and give a bit of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate bloggers to receive the award and notify them on their blog. No tag backs. 
  • I am also supposed to link back to the original post but I do not feel comfterbal linking back to a blog that I am not familiar with. If you want to see the blog that created this award, please look at Kara's blog. 

How my blog got started:
My blog started when I was a wee youngster, and my Mom and sister had blogs but not me. I was intrigued by this thing called blogging and vio-la. A World of Magic was born. 

My tips to new bloggers:
Ok, first of all, views and comments aren't everything. I get it, it's nice to know that somebody likes what you've put a lot of work into, but if blogging makes you happy, you should do it for you, not for someone else. Somebody else is always going to have more than you (followers, views, comments, etc,) so be thankful for the people and viewers you do have! 

If you want more viewers though, here are some tips:

  • Simply be nice! Comment on other peoples blogs, and complement them. Chances are, they'll want to check out this super sweet person who leaves nice comments on their blog. 
  • Make sure your blog design is fun- but not cluttered! You can get some great blog backgrounds at
  • Be patient! I've had my blog for six years and my blog is by no means popular, but I have 28 more followers than when I started, so I consider it a success :D 
  • Try to take nice pictures! You don't need a fancy camera to do so. Play around with angles and lighting and you're sure to get some good ones! 
I wish I could nominate everybody! Instead of risking people feeling left out, I nominate anybody who's birth date is an odd number! 

In conclusion, I hope this helps any new bloggers out there! I love blogging and I hope you do too :D


  1. Awesome tag and sadly my birthday is on the 4th :)

    1. Thanks! Awe, maybe somebody will tag you :D


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