Monday, March 21, 2016

Bring It On Tour

Hey Y'all! What's up??
My week has been cra-zy, between getting my cast off (and the pin taken out. *Shudders*), to having a nightmarish babysitting experience (don't even ask.) But there was some good stuff like the Kutless concert my family went to. It was awesome with a capital a. If you don't know who Kutless is, they are a christen rock band. Surprisingly, Kutless wasn't the best part of the concert. They had three other people perform (7eventh Time Down, Meredith Kinleigh, and Natasha Owens.) My favorite was 7eventh Time Down. I may have even bought a bracelet :o

Image result for natasha owensImage result for 7eventh time down
                      I loved all the people that preformed!! 

I took some pictures and to share with you!!! I actually took videos too, but blogger says an error occurs every time I try and put them on here :(

Dosen't everybody use their dog to model their bracelets? Oh, they don't? *blushes*

It was an awesome night :D And since I can't put videos on here, I'll leave you with some links for youtube videos so you can check out the bands yourself. 

Have fun checking out and falling in love with their music!

P.S Sorry if you've noticed some things on my blog that aren't right, for example the extra picture of Natasha Owens up there ^ . My about my dolls page is also mysteriously missing, even though it is published. Hopefully I will figure everything out soon!


  1. Ooh, sounds awesome! You have a lovely little blog got going! :)
    ~The Girl Upstairs

  2. Thank you very much! That means a lot, especially since I love your blog!!


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