Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fictional Friends

Hello! I have news... I started a book club on Good Reads! It is called Fictional Friends, and anyone in middle school or high school is welcome to join (12+.) The book club will be for sharing book recommendations, discussing books, and meeting new people! There will be a theme every month, which will give the club some guidelines. Want to join? just click here! If you do join, please comment your goodreads name here on my blog so I know who you are! 
Have any questions? Ask them in the comments! I hope you join!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Photography class


So...I have been taking a photography class for the past month or so, and although I find it extremely hard, I think my pictures are improving and I have learned a lot of new stuff, some of which I will be able to transfer to my doll pictures to make them better quality!

Each week the teacher gives us a new technique or style of photography, teaches how to execute it, and then gives us homework. I thought I'd share my homework pictures here, because 
I actually really like some of them, plus I have recently been at a loss for what to post (hence the not posting in forever,) And this seemed like it might make an interesting-ish post. Let me know if you liked it and I'll post more of my homework as I get it!

Week one of my homework was bracketing, which is taking a series of pictures showing the different settings. This picture was part of my aperture  (the amount of focus in the background) bracket.  I would have shown my whole bracket but my edited ones are currently un-accessible and the originals were both over and under exposed. 

For week one I also had to take a ISO and shutter speed bracket. Here is my ISO bracket: (By the way, this bracket was super rushed and I really don't like it, but I had to use it.)

I barely see a difference in lighting in this bracket like I was supposed too, but whatever :| I like this next one much better:

My week 1 shutter speed bracket 

I had a lot of fun shooting this bracket! I love it because it's so colorful :D

So that's it for week 1 homework.

Week 2 homework was even harder because it was panning, which is following a moving object with the camera and creating a blurred background. I hardly achieved this. Once again we had to take brackets, but only two this time. Unfortunately, I only managed to finish one. 

I know I have the whole bracket, but it is in light room, not iPhoto, so I'll just share one picture today. 

See the effect in the background?

So, last weeks homework was two pictures, one of light trails, and one of light painting. 

This is my light trails picture. It was taken with a 5 second exposure. 

This next one is light painting:

I think this one came out really cool! 

That's it! I might post this weeks homework, depending on how it comes out. 
                                    Thanks for reading!
                          Which picture is your favorite??

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

AWOM Flickr??

                                        (= >  .  <  =)
                                             (") (")
                               Omg guys it's a kitty cat 

Besides being completely adorable the kitty cat actually has some very important news to tell you:              ____________
                                                               '   AWOM now has   '
                                           ^--------^      /   a flikr account!     '
                                        (= >  .  <  =)  /_____________'
                                             (") (")

(sorry that ^ came out all weird, blogger won't let me change it.) Whats that you say? A World Of Magic now has a flickr? Well tell us! What is it called??

                                                                '  It's called            '
                                          ^--------^       / Magical_dollies!      '
                                        (= >  .  <  =)  /_____________'
                                             (") (")

Wow! Thanks for letting us know, kitty cat!

                                                                '  What are friends  '
                                          ^--------^       /    for?                        '
                                        (= >  .  <  =)  /_____________'
                                             (") (")


Yes, the cat speaks the truth, I did get a flickr! It is for my doll pictures, and it's so much fun! 
I would really appreciate it if any of you that do have flickr accounts followed me here:
If you have a doll flickr leave a link in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!!