Thursday, January 7, 2016

My thoughts on Lea Clark

Hello and happy January! I can't believe it's 2016! You know what that means.... A new Girl Of The Year! 

Yay! I LOVE Lea Clark so much, so today I am going to share my opinion on her whole collection! Lets get started:D

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Lea Clark $120
Starting with Lea.... SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I love her hair so much. It is such a pretty color! I love her eyes too. And her meet outfit, except the shoes which are just ehh. I think it is so cool that she comes with a compass and a messenger bag! Way to go AG! 

Lea's exclusive collection - $180
This comes with Lea, her accessories and the beach dress. I think this is cute but how much money are you actually saving? Well lets see.. $120 for Lea, $32 for her accessories, and about $30 for the other outfit = $182. I get that it comes with the exclusive outfit, but your not saving anything with the doll and accessories. I don't think that this is worth the price. 

Lea's Accessories $32
I like this set, but won't be buying it. The camera is very cute, but I wish the colors were more realistic, like black or silver. Considering the set is mostly paper, I think it is a little overpriced. I would consider buying if it was $25 dollars or less. 

Margay cat $20
This is cute...ish. I don't know. It's cute but those eyebrows...

Lea's Rain forest house $395
I LOVE this! The only problem is I don't have $400 dollars laying around... Or a place to put it. But everything about this is perfect. I love that you can move the bed and the furniture. I just wish that the inside had a tiny bit more room, so more than one doll could fit comfortably inside. 

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Lea's rain forest dreams pajamas $24
I have mixed feelings about these. I like the romper, but the slippers are weird in my opinion. Also, why is her hair up if it docent come with a hair tie or scrunchie? I think that this set doesn't come with enough. It could use a stuffed animal or sleep mask. Something to make this set bigger and more worth the money. 

Three toed sloth $20
This is so cute! I won't be buying it because I don't see much use for it but it is super cute! 

Lea's rain forest hiking outfit $34
I like this, but I don't love it. I really like the shirt, the pants are ehh, and the shoes are weird. I do however like how may accessories the outfit comes with, especially the belt. 

Lea's rain forest hiking accessories $28
This is cute! The granola bars look huge though. I don't really think this is anything special.

Lea's fruit stand $150
I would love this but I find it really strange that there is not a third side. It honestly makes no sense to me. The accessories are cute, but I think it is too expensive. I will not be purchasing this.

Lea's mix & match swim set $34
I LOVE this set. I love the colors, and the price! Two swim suits for $34! That's unheard of from AG! I would love to own this on day. I really like the yellow top and the pink bottoms. So cute!

Lea's beach accessories $34
I am not a fan of this set. The turtles look so rubbery, and it is so overpriced! The snorkel and fins are cute, but not enough to make me want to purchase it. 

Lea's ocean Kayak set $85
This set is cute and the price is fairly reasonable (for AG.) I really like the underwater camera <3

Sea turtle $18
This is my favorite of Lea's animals! It is so adorable! I really like it, but I think that all the animals should be the same price. This one is two dollars cheaper than the other two, which I find a little strange. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for cheapness, but I don't understand why two are the same price but one is not. 

Lea's bahia outfit $28
This is so cute I want it for myself! I love everything except the shorts. I wish they had more detail, like pockets or belt loops and a belt. They are very dull and boring. Despite the shorts, I still think  I am going to purchase this. How could you resist those earrings with that shirt?? (Side note. This outfit doesn't come with the earrings, which I find very misleading. Why is she wearing them in the stock pictures if their not included??)

So that's her whole collection! Overall, I really like Lea and her collection. If I do get her (which I hope to one day) I will change the pronunciation of her name to Leah or Leigh. 
What do you think of Lea? Do you want to get her??
Thanks for reading! 


  1. I want her so bad!!!!! I love your signature!!!! So pretty :) BTW I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Check it out on my blog.

    1. Me too! Thank you! Oh yay, I love doing awards, thank you so much for nominating me! I'll be sure to have that post up soon!

  2. That is soo cool!! I love the theme, I think that it is one of the best!


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