Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recipe for cake mix cookies!

Hello ;) Today I have a recipe for the most delicious cookie on the face of this earth! But before I get into that I want to clarify something: I still love dolls!! You may have noticed that many of my posts recently have been about non-doll stuff, but before that it was almost 100% dolls. Well, I will still post about my dolls, but I also like other things, such as baking, fashion, and writing, so I'm also going to incorporate all that into this blog. So basically this blog is a collection of everything I like! Hope you don't mind that the main focus isn't dolls anymore, but like I said, they will still show up here frequently:) So, on to the recipe! 

Okay, so I did not create this recipe, and I am not trying to take credit for it! 

Here is what you need:
1 box of any flavored cake mix (I used Betty Crockers gluten free devils food cake.)
2 eggs
And 1/3 cup of vegetable oil (I ended up using a tiny bit more.) 
Powdered suger is optional, but tastes really food with chocolate cake mix! 

Here is what you do!!
Put the cake mix in a bowl and add the egg and the oil, mix or beat until combined. If it is too dry add a little bit more oil. Roll 1 inch balls of dough in powdered suger (if you want to) and bake them one inch apart at 375*F for 10 minutes. It is seriously so easy and SO yummy! 

The cookies taste like cake with a crunchy shell, and the powdered sugar is the cherry on top. First you taste the sweet sugar, and then the rich chocolate...<3 Of course your experience would be different if you used a different flavor cake, which I have yet to do, but I definitely want too! I bet this recipe would be great with some of Pillsbury's fun flavored cakes, like key lime, blue raspberry, funfetti, strawberry, pink lemonade or pumpkin!   

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe, and if you end up making them, let me know what you think in the comments!!! Have a wonder-ifical day! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First day of the most wonderful season.

Fall..... Halloween, falling leaves, crisp air, pumpkins. The most wonderful time of the year (second to Christmas, that is.) This past week it has finally started to feel like fall! Its been in the 70's, which has been a lovely vacation from New England's usual 90 degree weather. Oh, I love it so, although there is absolutely no foliage yet, which is kind of disappointing. Everything is too dry because of the lack of rain. But the air is starting to become chilly, and I made myself my very first cup of fall hot chocolate (which is actually no different then regular hot chocolate, besides the fact that it was fall weather while I indulged in it,) and it was perfect. I have begun to plan my second annual Halloween party (but sadly I've only gotten so far as the guest list...) and I am pondering the idea of being a day of the dead sugar skull for Halloween. I looked on Pinterest and wow, people can do some pretty amazing things with face paint.

How cool is this?! Of course my costume will be no where near as elaborate, but I love how this person did her costume <3 This is not me or my picture. I got it from Pinterest so the owner is un-identified. 

So thats a glimpse into my first days of it feeling like fall. What have yours been like? 

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello!! Today I had my family Birthday party for my sister and I! It was fun!  We watched the football game, ate cake and opened presents :) I got some AG stuff! YAY! I got the Riding Outfit from AG, and the riding hat and helmet. From Our Generation I got 

The Mint Condition outfit.

And the dream on outfit. 

Here is a picture of the Pretty Pink Riding Outfit. I also got the riding hat and helmet. 
So the question is.... Which outfit do you guys want a review on?? Or all? I might do youtube video reviews but I'm not sure. Would you rather see YouTube reviews or blog reviews or both? Let me know in the comments!!!

Thanks for reading! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

The American Gold Cup

Hi fellow bloggers! Sorry I haven't posted in centuries, life has been crazy lately. Between piano lessons, horse back riding, baby sitting, and school work, I've been struggling to find time to write. But YAY! A POST! 

Saturday my family and I went to the American Gold Cup, which is a horse jumping competition in North Salem, New York. It was so amazing! For those of you who don't know, I am horse crazy. Before we went, I hadn't realized how big of an event it was. There were several horse events going on at once, and there were lots of vendors. The horses were stunning. I would love to own one, ideally a white or a light gray horse. Sigh... 

I brought my Mom's Canon and I was able to get a few decent pictures.

It's a really good thing I don't own a horse because I would spend ALL my money on tack.

Recignize the rider? Yup, that is Mary-Kate Olsen. I used to love her movie New York Minute, and I went through a Full House faze too. I also had a pair of Mary-Kate and Ashley pajamas at one point too.  I still can't believe we saw her! 

Not the best picture, but this horse was gorgeous.

They were just so pretty. The American Gold cup was so much fun and made me want a horse even more (even though that will not happen any time soon.) It was such a great experience and I hope I can go back next year!

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Labor day weekend

Hi fellow bloggers:) Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I haven't had much inspiration. I have millions of doll photoshoots to post, but I think I'm due for a non-doll post for my non-doll loving readers. So this post is pretty much about my September.

Oh, and before I begin, I just wanted to let you know, Bella @ won caption the picture! Congrats Bella, your caption was great!

I can't believe fall is here! Fall is my favorite season:) Although it may be fall (well, almost,) it sure doesn't feel like it. Today was 85 degrees fahrenheit! Although summer is great, I'm dreaming of sweater weather...

So far my Septemer has been filled with family, friends, s'mores, fire pits, night swimming, art, and laughter.

This weekend my awesome cousin and her boyfriend visited here. We don't see them a ton because they live 4 hours away. They are staying for the whole long weekend! My dad ran out to Target and grabbed out door party lights and hung them from our roof, to out fence, and then another part of the roof. Then we made a make shift patio out of our rocky area in my backyard, complete with lawn furniture and a fire pit. That night we talked, laughed (a lot,) wore glow stick crowns, roasted marshmallows, played with my family's puppy, and exploded giant sparklers in the fire. My cousin brought giant sparklers (which are twice the size of regular sparklers,) and we thought it would be fun to set them off in the fire pit... It was! We threw them in and  the started exploding and then a blue light so bright it blinded me appeared and then it let out massive amounts of smoke. It was so cool! At one point we threw in three at the same time... Then, at about 10:00 I decide that it was a good time to swim... Exept it was freezing! But, still fun. Night swimming is the best. I only lasted 10 minutes though :D It was one if the best nights ever.

 So that's what I've been up to. What about you?