Friday, September 18, 2015

The American Gold Cup

Hi fellow bloggers! Sorry I haven't posted in centuries, life has been crazy lately. Between piano lessons, horse back riding, baby sitting, and school work, I've been struggling to find time to write. But YAY! A POST! 

Saturday my family and I went to the American Gold Cup, which is a horse jumping competition in North Salem, New York. It was so amazing! For those of you who don't know, I am horse crazy. Before we went, I hadn't realized how big of an event it was. There were several horse events going on at once, and there were lots of vendors. The horses were stunning. I would love to own one, ideally a white or a light gray horse. Sigh... 

I brought my Mom's Canon and I was able to get a few decent pictures.

It's a really good thing I don't own a horse because I would spend ALL my money on tack.

Recignize the rider? Yup, that is Mary-Kate Olsen. I used to love her movie New York Minute, and I went through a Full House faze too. I also had a pair of Mary-Kate and Ashley pajamas at one point too.  I still can't believe we saw her! 

Not the best picture, but this horse was gorgeous.

They were just so pretty. The American Gold cup was so much fun and made me want a horse even more (even though that will not happen any time soon.) It was such a great experience and I hope I can go back next year!


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