Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First day of the most wonderful season.

Fall..... Halloween, falling leaves, crisp air, pumpkins. The most wonderful time of the year (second to Christmas, that is.) This past week it has finally started to feel like fall! Its been in the 70's, which has been a lovely vacation from New England's usual 90 degree weather. Oh, I love it so, although there is absolutely no foliage yet, which is kind of disappointing. Everything is too dry because of the lack of rain. But the air is starting to become chilly, and I made myself my very first cup of fall hot chocolate (which is actually no different then regular hot chocolate, besides the fact that it was fall weather while I indulged in it,) and it was perfect. I have begun to plan my second annual Halloween party (but sadly I've only gotten so far as the guest list...) and I am pondering the idea of being a day of the dead sugar skull for Halloween. I looked on Pinterest and wow, people can do some pretty amazing things with face paint.

How cool is this?! Of course my costume will be no where near as elaborate, but I love how this person did her costume <3 This is not me or my picture. I got it from Pinterest so the owner is un-identified. 

So thats a glimpse into my first days of it feeling like fall. What have yours been like? 


  1. Fall has been pretty good to me though it doesn't really feel like fall

    1. Thats great! I hope the cold weather comes your way soon!

      ~Lilah :)


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