Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mae and the polkadot dress (A photoshoot, a doll biography, and a review all in one)

The other day my dolls got a package in the mail. Their GLAM doll dress came! Mae was the first to try it on. None of the other girls have had a turn yet, because it looks so darn cute on her! I had a little photoshoot. 

Sorry this one is bad quality, I wanted to put it on here anyways to show you the dress. It is so cute and it is made out of the softest fabric ever. 

                  The color of the dress goes perfect with her hair.
                                Mae seems to like this laying down pose. 

I decided that Mae has reading glasses, because Molly's glasses look so good on her.  

                                Wind blown hair. Gosh she is gorgeous.  

Since I never really told ya'll about her personality, here is a little bit about her. It's not much because I'm still figuring out her quirks. 
She loves to read and write. Her sister is Maria Isabelle. She loves flowey, bohemian style clothes. She loves nature. She spends a lot of time outside. She loves anything floral. She wears skirts and dresses a lot. She is quiet and intelligent. She is great at giving advice. She is a year older than Maria Isabelle. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite season is spring. She can find beauty in anything. She has a long attention span. Her best friend is Lilah. She has a simple style, with lots of solid and pastel colors. Her and Maria Isabelle are very different, but the best of friends. 

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about her!
Here is a short review of the dress. 
I COULD NOT LOVE THIS MORE. It is simply stunning. All the edges are finished nicely, and the fabric is beautiful. I thought it was going to be a lot stiffer than it was. It is soft and very stretchy. The first picture is not a good representation of the color, but the other pictures are. My only concern is that it is very short. I wanted to take a picture of Mae from below her, but you could see her underpants. Other than that, this dress is amazing. And the wrinkles in the third picture are from the packaging, but they have gone away almost completely. It took about a week to ship, which is fairly reasonable, and I had absolutely no problems with the seller or the transaction. I recommend this shop 100%. Here is the link to the shop: . Please go check it out! 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I'm liking all the neutral colours in this photo shoot.
    Mae reminds me of me, with her liking to read and write, nature and green things (I always say my favorite color is blue, but almost everything I own is green! My favorite t shirt, sandals, phone case, green is taking over!) though I wouldn't do shirts and dresses.
    The GLAM doll is a pretty great shop. I've looked there before and seen so many things I want!

    1. www.worldofmagic-ljs.blogspot.comAugust 4, 2015 at 5:29 AM

      Thanks:) And yes, I could spend lots of money at the GLAM doll.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am still trying to figure out her style, because she's new. I know she loves pastel and neutral colors, and skirts and dresses:)


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