Saturday, August 22, 2015

Caption the picture!

Hi y'all! Today I have a fun game called caption the picture. I have wanted to do this for a while, but I finally decided to stop being lazy and do this post when I saw that Bella and Kara were doing it. Hope you guys don't mind I'm doing it too! Anyways, here is the picture I want you to caption. The doll on the left is Maria and the doll on the right is Mae. It can be as short or as long as you want! 

Please comment! After I get a few comments I'll do a post with everybody's captions and then you can vote on your favorite. I am excited to see what you think they're saying! 


  1. mae: uh, what are you doing!?
    Maria: i am trying to beat the world record for standing on your hand the longest!
    Mae: well uh, good luck with that! how many more minutes do you have?
    maria: exactly 17 days!!!
    (mae pushes maria over)
    Maria: hey!!
    Mae: hehehehe...

  2. Mae: *walks by very quickly* Hi Maria!
    *peers around the corner then walks back to Maria* Um what are you doing?
    Maria: To answer or not to answer....that is the question.
    Mae: Ok.....?
    Maria: I don't have enough time for gymnastics AND Shakespeare so I combined them! Next I'm baking bread while jumping rope!
    Mae: I'm gonna go.......
    Maria: *continues talking as if Mae was still there* ........
    ~Bella~ :)

    1. Thats really funny because that is actually Maria's personality.

  3. Mae: oh hey! Will you teach me to do a handstand?
    Maria: hush. Brain thinking
    Mae: what?
    Maria: when you sit for too long the blood pools in your butt, so I'm hand standing to let the blood go to my brain.
    Mae: what are you thinking about?
    Maria: a book. Where people fly around in whales that are also blimps. Leviathan.

  4. Mae: Oh hey...Maria...Are you okay there?
    Maria: Oh yeah I'm fine! You know, they say if you stay in this position for an hour with your eyes closed...A vicious lion from the jungle will appear!
    Mae: Vicious lion from the jungle would appear? Why would you want that to happen?
    Maria: Duh? They're like the cutest animals ever! Where's your common sense Mae, you should try and look for it...
    Mae: *Pushes Maria's legs down* Hahahaha...Maria you so funny (says that in an american accent)

    Rukiya XX

  5. Hmmm...I'll give this a go:
    Mae is teaching Maria how to do gymnastics stuff because she feels like she doesn't have any talents??? I'm not very good at this :D

    I also just want to mention my September Photo Contest, which will start on September first. It would be awesome if you could enter!

    Allie D.


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