Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Random pictures

I occasionally look through iPhoto and find pictures I want to put on my blog, but wouldn't make a whole post. Here is a totally random collection of pictures from the past two weeks or so. 

 This is me riding South, the horse I ride at my barn. This picture was taken after the little monster bit me. For no reason. It's a good thing he's cute.

I found this adorable little alarm clock at a store while I was on vacation in Tennessee. It was the perfect size for American Girl dolls, and I was so torn between buying it or not. I finally decided not to buy it, because I was saving my money for the doll store (see last post) but looking back, I regret it. It was just so cute!

This picture is of my cousin, my sister, and I at a waterfall a town over from me.  This was one of the coolest things  ever. It was so much fun to jump off into the water.  It was maybe seven feet deep and perfectly clear. I was really freaked out because a teenager that was there before us told us they saw a water snake DX 

This is the other pony I ride, named Zippy. This is actually at a different barn than the one South is at. 

This is a picture I never posted of Lilah. I actually took a whole photoshoot of her in the garden, but I wasn't thrilled with how they came out.

And finally, we have a selfie of me holding a tiger picture in front of my face, because why not? 


  1. The waterfall looks AMAZING! I want to go to there. There isn't a whole lot that's nicer on a summer's day than leaping into a river.

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    2. It was amazing! And that is SO true :)

  2. Hi Lilah! Thanks for being such an active reader on my blog! I just checked yours out- I love it! Also thank you for putting me in your "Blogs I like to read" section!


    1. Hi! No problem, I love your blog :)


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