Friday, July 10, 2015

Meet Maria Isabelle!

I was looking for something in my attic today and I opened up a box and found my old springfeild doll! Hair hair was in terrible shape (meaning so matted it looked like a dreadlock,) so I brought her downstairs and started to give her a spa treatment. First I washed her with water and a magic eraser and then I shampooed her hair with baby shampoo. The shampoo did nothing exept make her smell good, so I grabbed some hair de-tangler. I took a little section of hair (I pulled the rest up into bun) and got it really wet, and then I sprayed the detangler on it. I had to brush it pretty rough, but I figured a couple bald spots is better than one giant knot. I rinsed the detangler out and braided the small piece of hair. I kept doing this (set aside small piece if hair, rinse, detangler, rinse, braid) until her whole head was done. All of this took about 30-40 minutes.  I then braided all the braids, which I don't think did anything, but it looked better, and let it dry for a couple hours. Then I took out each braid, and brushed the hair before taking out the next braid, and her hair looks SO much better. It is still really frizzy but it is but tangled anymore! I felt like now that her hair was good, I should give her a full makeover, so after a lot of research on the best method, I added water color freckles with a toothpick that I pressed down to flatten. I used brown paint, and the best part is, it washes right off if I get bored of it! The one thing I didn't really like about my springfeild doll was her lip color, so I mixed up some really thick dark pink watercolor paint. Since it was watercolor, I had to to two coats to cover the pink that was already on her lips. I wasn't thinking and didn't take any pictures of the process, but I did get some before and after pictures of the makeup, but not the hair. Here is the before:

And the after: 

I LOVE freckles on her <3 I cannot believe how much better she looks. I don't remember what I called her before she got packed away in the attic so I named her Maria Isabelle! Isabelle is her middle name. I can't wait to do photoshoots with her! 

                Thanks for reading! 


  1. I like the reprinting you did on her! The redish lips look way better than the awkward bright, pale pink of the original.
    THOSE FRECKLES! Awesome.

    1. Thank you! Ikr, I hated the color of her lips before.

    2. I agree! I love the new lip color.

  2. i like the red lip color. The pink looked weird on her before.

  3. Thanks! II know right?! Very strange color choice if you ask me.


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