Friday, July 17, 2015

Cabela's doll photoshoot and reveiwish thing

A couple days ago I brought out my Cabela's Adventure Girlz dolls, which I don't do all that often. This afternoon I saw them laying on the table, and when I looked outside, the lighting was perfect! I took ALOT of pictures. Here are my favorites:

These dolls are SO photogenic 

Sorry this isn't the best quality

These dolls are not very well known, so here's where to get them and the prices. The doll (they don't really have permanent names) with the blue shirt comes with a camping set and is $39.99 but it comes with a tent and a lot of accessories. The other doll with the Cabela's shirt comes with a fishing set and she was $24.99.  I definitely recommend checking these dolls out either on the Cabela's website or store, because they are "realer" than Barbie's, but the same size. They all come with Naturey sets (Camping, fishing, horses, etc.) and they're not pink and purple and sparkly. I think they are so pretty! Their hair is really silky, and their hair doesn't get overly tangled (If you take care of it.) You can buy the dolls HERE . So this was a photoshoot and reviewish thing (hence the title of this post.) I hope you enjoyed! 

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  1. Hiya! One of your dolls has received the celebrity doll award! Congratulations! Please check it out on my blog!


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