Sunday, July 12, 2015

10 Ways To Decorate Your Dolls Bedroom!

      Here are ten super easy ways to decorate your doll's bedroom! 

Number 1:
Trading cards

You can use any kind of trading card. I had My Little Pony ones, and they make great posters for a doll bedroom. You can get MLP trading cards at Target or online. I'm not sure where you can get other kinds! 

Number 2:
Small cute things

These make the room look cute and childish. The hedgehog is actually a lip gloss I got as a gift, and the hamster is an eraser I got from a toy store. 

Number 3:

I made the book on top with the materials in the doll school kit, and the bottom book is a tiny Hello Kitty book. 

Number 4:
Anything doll sized.

This is a glittery box that I had laying around, and turned it into a night stand for Mia, since she didn't have one. 

Number 5:
Throw pillows

I love how throw pillows look. 
I have had this one forever, so I'm not sure which store sells them, but it would be really easy to sew your own. 

Number 6:

This is Mia's doll, and she looks perfect on Mia's bed! 

Number 7:

This works best if you live near the beach, but you can also get shells at craft stores. 

Number 8:
Everyday things

This isn't necessarily a decoration, but it makes a room more realistic. I added things that she would use everyday to her nightstand. Strawberry lotion and a hair clip.

Number 9:
A rug

This is actually just a small blanket that came with a set for a stuffed animal. It ties the room together!

Number 10:

These are bows I made out of duct tape. I attached them to the bed and nightstand with a piece of tape. It makes the room look girly and fun! 

Here is the room after all the decorations. Cute huh? 

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  1. Awesome tips! I love Mia's doll!

  2. These are good tips. I love scavenging around my house for thingies I could use in doll rooms!
    I had the hello kitty book of happiness. Then I lost it and am wanting it now for a doll bookshelf.

    1. Thanks! Aww, hopefully you find it! its a great size for dolls.

  3. Good ideas!!!! I think the glittery box and pillows are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


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