Friday, June 5, 2015

My favorite things

My favorite things

My family    My Friends  The beach   Cupcakes
Vanilla icecream   The color purple   fuzzy socks    Christmas   Fall   Drawing      Heartland   Horseback riding    The amazing race    Glitter   Sea shells   My pets  Baking   Swimming   Sidewalk chalk   Pizza   Bunnys    Popsicles    Converse sneakers    Bracelets   Playing piano   Palm trees   Blue jeans   Mario cart   Harry Potter   Flip flops   Bath and body works   Stuffed animals  Kittens  American Girl dolls   Blogging   Orange juice   Italian ice   Photography   Writing   Anything Japanese   Five guys burgers and fries   Ugg boots   Sugar cookies   Chipmunks  The piano guys   Christmas music   Parties   Braided hair   Dolphins   Mashed potatoes    Sweat pants     Messy buns   Painting my nails  Reading  Duct tape   
Frozen snicker bars   The Brady Bunch    Getting letters in the mail   Seeing a rainbow    Chick-fil-a   Farmer’s markets  Gelly roll pens   Hedgehogs   Scottish accents   Cartwheels      Water ballon fights   rainbow sherbet   Typewriters  Twirly dresses  Hair bows   Mis-matched socks      Warm blankets     Saturday mornings   Sea stars   Lemonade   Bike rides   Tag sales  Browsing etsy   Popcorn   


  1. Hiya! Awesome blog! The beach is one of my favourite things too xD.

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  2. I love beaches, farmers markets, converse and photography too. Plus a ton of others not listed. But above all else SNICKERS! Yessss I love them.


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