Friday, June 12, 2015

My Family Takes A Quiz

I saw a really funny post on Elevendollstar's Instagram, and I tried doing the same thing. The results are hilarious!

So I wrote down a bunch of American Girl related questions and had my Mom and older sister (whose name is Grace) answer them. 

Here are the questions and their answers. 

1. New (going to be released Aug. 26 2015) Beforever doll's name?
Hint: Two parts, first part is Mary.
Mom's answer: Mary Catherine
Sister's answer: Mary Grace (wrong doll Grace...) 

2. 2015 girl of the year's first name?
Mom's answer: Julie (wrong doll mom...)
Sisters answer: Grace  (ding ding ding!)

3. Which Beforever doll do I want most?
Mom's answer: Alice (Alice?!?) 
Sisters answer: Josefina. 
The answer was Caroline. At least my sister chose an actual doll.

4. Is the new American Girl line called My American Girl or Truly Me? 
Mom's answer: Truly Me
Sister's answer: Truly Me 

5. Is Nellie O'Malley Molly or Samantha's best friend?
Mom's answer: Samantha
Sister's answer: Samantha

6. Which name is the name if a past Girl Of The Year? Isabelle or Bridget?
Mom's answer: Isabelle
Sister's answer: Isabelle

7. Which Beforever doll has brown braids and round glasses?
Mom's answer: Molly 
Sister's answer: Molly

8. Did Chrissa's Grandmother or Grandfather die? 
Mom's answer: Grandfather
Sister's answer: Grandfather

9. Does Kit Kittredge have a movie?
Mom's answer: Yes
Sister's answer: Yes

The last part wasn't as fun because they got them all right haha!  
I am actually surprised how many my Mom got right. 
If you decide to do this with your family, please post, I'd love to see!
I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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