Thursday, June 11, 2015

In which Mia goes swimming.

Today Mia decided she wanted to go swimming.

She changed into her swimsuit, grabbed her towel, and headed to the pool! 

                            " Yay! I cannot wait to swim!" 

Mia didn't realize how cold the water was, so she decided to get out and take some selfies.

So that was what Mia's day consisted of.  Swimming and selfie taking. What did you do? Hopefully something more productive than what Mia Did ;)

         By the way, this post was inspired by Dolls in the heart of dixie.  Please check out her amazing blog! 

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  1. My day so far has consisted of reading blogs. Today is feild day at my school, and the 8th graders get to go to wild waves. I don't want to go so I'm just staying home.
    Mia is just so cute. I love her top!


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