Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New outfit and pictures!

Last night I went to target looking for a specific Our Generation outfit and I was so disappointed when they didn't have it, but they did have a super cute overalls outfit! I ended up buying that one, but does anyone know if the Our Generation outfit To A T is still available? It's not on amazon or Targets website. Please tell me if you know anything about this outfit being discontinued (It has a white shirt whith a girl on it, a dark fushia vest, and blue floral pants.) Anyways, today I brought Lilah (My My american girl) on a car ride to the horse farm! I couldn't get any pictures of her with the horses because there is an electric fence surrounded by bushes around the horses, so there was no good place to get one... But I did get some good pictures of her! Please note these pictures were taken with a phone, not a camera so they're not the best.

This is the new outfit! I think it's so cute

The outfit contains;
An orange shirt
Patterned overalls
White socks 
Gardening boots
Plastic watering can 
Potted flowers 

Here's a quick review.

The shirt.
I really like the shirt! It's a nice color and fits well. The only issue is the neckline is a little to high in my opinion. It kind of wraps around her neck. The only other thing is the fabric is really thin and sheer. This isn't really a problem, just something you should know if you are interested in buying this outfit. 

The overalls.
I am in love with the overalls! They are so cute! I love that you can layer them over any shirt. The fabric is also really thin for the overalls. 

The socks.
The socks were hard to get on, but they look good when their on.

The boots. I could not get the boots on no matter how hard I tried. I ended up taking an exacto knife and cutting a slit in the back. Now they fit perfectly, but the back is lose. 

The flowers. As soon as I took the flowers out of the packaging three of them fell off. They're the kind that you can push back onto the stem, but I think OG should glue them, because it would be very easy to lose them. 

The watering can. 
There is no problems with the watering can, other than the color. The whole outfit is a subtle color, and then there is a bright pink watering can. 

Overall I give this outfit an 8 out of 10! 

Here is the pieces that aren't in the pictures I took:

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment and tell me what picture is your favorite! 


  1. Love these pictures! I really want a pair of overalls for my dolls :)

  2. I like the one where she is the tree

  3. Beautiful pictures! I really like the one where it's just her feet, because I LOVE dolly feetsies. I agree with Sophia Smith, the one in the tree is really pretty!

    1. Thank you so much! I love doll feet too XD


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