Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to: duct tape galaxy bow

In my latest post, I talked about some changes I'd be making to my blog. Well, the changes are happening! I've decided to do more DIY type thing, tutorials and stuff like that. That way there is a point for my blog, instead of just writing a post or two every couple months about something that happened. I'll still post about my life, but that won't be the only thing I post. Here is my first DIY post! 

Here is how to make a duct tape galaxy bow with only a few simple steps. 

So first, here is a list of supplies you'll need:
• Galaxy duck brand duct tape. You can get this at Micheals or Walmart. 
• Mod Podge. If you don't have Mod Podge I think Elmer's glue would have the same effect. 
• Glitter. I used purple, dark blue, black, and silver.
• A paint brush.
• An exacto knife (if you don't have one or can't use one, sissors will work, but the tape will be harder to cut.) 
• A cutting board.
• A bobby pin or hair clip (if you want to use it as a hair bow.) 

To start off cut a six inch strip of duct tape. 

After you have the six inch strip, attach another six inch strip to the top of the other peice of tape. 

Press down on the tape to seal the two pieces together. Then flip the rectangle of tape over, and add two more six inch strips to the other side, so neither sides are sticky. To avoid wrinkles in the tape, press the tape down starting from left and smoothing it towards the right. 
It should look like this, 
And then like this. 

Cover one side of the duct tape with a thin layer of Mod Podge. 

Mix together your glitter colors (I did this in a Dixie cup) and use your finger to spread it around the Mod Podge until it has the amount of glitter you want.
Let dry. Then pinch the middle of the tape like this:

Use a exacto knife to cut a thin strip and wrap it around the middle. 

It should look like this! Slip a bobby pin under the thin strip in the back, or use a glue gun to attach a hair clip. Then your done!!! 

             Enjoy your hair bow!!! 

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