Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Etsy Package!!!

The other day I ordered a doll shirt from HerDollEssentials, and it came yesterday!!! I love it SO much! I put it on my Just Like Me doll and it looks soooo good, so I took some pictures. 

I'd love this one but her hair is sticking up everywhere 

definitely recommend buying from the shop because the prices are reasonable, shipping was fast and the products are cute and well made. 
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    1. I'm pretty sure it was $7.98 for the shirt and then $2.00 for shipping. I think it was totally worth it!

  2. I have a shop on etsy too! Now you may say my stuff is overpriced but my friend sold necklaces and barrette's on etsy for $20. Also someone sold a barrette for $50. And what i sell, some lady auctioned one of hers for $400. Shocker I know, Mine are only $10 and $15 so yeah. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftsWithClaire?ref=search_shop_redirect

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    1. I looked at your shop:) I like the dragon mother and baby:)

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