Monday, May 18, 2015

American Girl Pictures

Yesterday I threw some clothing pieces that I hardly ever use on my Just Like Me doll.  I am so happy I did! I finally found a use for the hat from the old AG garden set (It just never looks right with other outfits.) 

The shirt is Kit Kittredge's cardigan backwards, and the dress, which I'm using as a skirt in these pictures, is from a local craft fair vendor.  I love how these pieces look together! 

The last picture was inspired by Christina at simplydollightful . She did a post a long time ago called Vintage-y beach photoshoot.  To see that post click HERE

I had a lot of fun with this photoshoot! Thanks for reading!!!


  1. LOVE all of these pictures. The outfit is too cute, and I love that hat so much. I am kinda in love with doll sized hats.

    -Izzy (


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