Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Star Stable

So, the other day my sister and I went over my friend’s house, and she showed us an AWESOME game called Star Stable. It is an online game, where you do quests on horseback. You can chat with and race your friends, and explore Moorland, where the game is set. You can save up coins and purchase new clothing and horses! There is a mall with cafes, clothing stores, and tack shops which are really fun to go to and shop around. My favorite places in the game to go to are Nimler's Highland and Fort Pinta Beach. 

You unlock more land to explore as you level up. You level up by doing quests. It is so much fun! You can get it for free up until level five, which lasted for about five days for my sister (After level five you can still play, but there won’t be as much stuff to do)I am level still on level four. You can pay $7.50 a month for a full subscription or $70.00 life time. I am probably going to try it for a month when I get to level five.

I totally recommend this game! It is fun, and the graphics are really nice. It doesn't lag like Minecraft, and it’s cool because you can meet up with your friends. Here is a picture of me and my sister on Star Stable. 

As you can see the people are cool and semi-realistic, which is
another plus. You get to customize your character and your horse. My horse is named SapphireMist :) She is on the left. 

I love this game and I think you will to, so head over to www.starstable.com and sign up for free!

New outfit for Mia

This morning I decided to take out my fabric (which I haven't done in a loooong time) and I ended up with a new shirt for Mia! I hand sewed it, and I didn’t use a pattern, so it’s not perfect, but I must say she does look pretty good in it!

The jeans look a totally different shade in this picture, even though I didn't use any filters :o

The only thing I don't like about it is the neckline. I think it's way too high, and the green doesn't really go. Sadly, green is the only color felt I have. Hemming the neckline was not working, do I decided to cover it in felt, which made the already high neckline even higher. However, I do like the green felt because it matches Mia's eyes. I love Mia's green eyes. I have yet to try the shirt on my just like me doll, but I bet the colors in the shirt will blend nicely with her blond hair (I have F1219.) If it looks good I might post pictures!
Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yesterday night I saw the sun was setting so I grabbed my dolls and a camera and ran outside. Here are the results:

I like how her pink shirt stands out against the brick wall

I just LOVE this one.

This one of my favorites.

Not sure how I feel about this one...

Love this filter <3
And thats just yesterdays photo shoot! I took my dolls out in the snow a couple of weeks ago. Here are those pictures.

This is my favorite

I Elsa-fiyed her hair 


                           I hope you like them!!!