Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My first post in a year...

Recently I realized I haven't done a blog post in a year. I enjoy looking at my old blog posts, but I don't even have that many. I think I need to change that.

So, because I haven't posted in a looong time, I'll start with somethings I've been working on lately.

Two weeks ago I started my second American sign language class.
I have taken a sign  language class before, but this is my first time having a Deaf teacher. It's difficult, but I'm enjoying it!

Homemade pumpkin dog treats!

Me and my sister, Grace, have both been very excited these past couple weeks. About 8 weeks ago, we found out were getting a puppy! Its been a very long 8 weeks, but only 1 ½ weeks left! I am really excited. We are getting a black goldendoodle, named Crosby. you can even follow him on instagram! (@crosbythedoodle)
We have been experimenting with different recipes for homemade dog treats, and Daphne gives the ones pictured above a big paws up. I'm sure Crosby will too.

Here is Crosby's instagram account.

We made Crosby an instagram so we can work on our pet photography. This picture was taken right when we started the account.

Here's a picture of me with Crosby. He is 4 weeks old here.

While were on the pet topic, we've been getting a visitor almost every day. The same cat shows up to eat and drink. We think she probably doesn't have a home, because she's always so hungry and thirsty. We named her Callie.

I've also been doing lots of stuff with horses. This is a picture of me (left) and Grace (right) at horse camp.
This was our not back to school trail ride.

This trail ride was the first time I've ever cantered on a horse! It was amazing!

Lastly We've been going to our Homeschool beach nights on Wednesdays. They are slowing down as summer ends. I'll miss the beach, but I cannot wait for fall!


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