Monday, September 29, 2014

A Friday like no other.

This past Friday started off normal. I woke up, ate breakfast and got ready for our Friday morning writing group, which my mom hosts at our house. In Writing group we do a 'warm up' which is usually a drawing with words, or a game, or poem. Then we write. We work on a story, or just write whatever. Here's what I wrote:

Waiting is hard.
Whether your waiting for a package to arrive or to finish a book waiting is hard.  Waiting for holidays,  waiting for friends to come over, waiting for nail polish to dry,  waiting for sun tea to brew, waiting for dad to come home so we can see him, waiting for my hot glue gun to heat up so I can start a craft project, waiting to finish a story, waiting for brownies to bake in the oven, waiting of for the day you get a puppy.   I've waited for all these things but the last one was hard. Today all my waiting is going to pay off.  Today had 9 ½ weeks in the making. Today is going to be great. Today we get Crosby, the doodle. Today Crosby will be in my arms and I can rub his ears and tickle his belly.  Today Daphne will have a friend. Today we'll all have a friend. And there will be no more waiting.

So can you guess what we were doing Friday afternoon? You guessed right. We were getting a puppy.

Crosby was currently living with his mom and siblings 1 ½ hours away. The whole drive I was thinking about holding him and petting him and getting puppy kisses.  Also about how good the sandwich I was eating tasted.  I was worrying:
What if Daphne doesn't like him? What if he doesn't like us? What if he misses his mama and siblings? 
But when we got there I knew is was going to be fine.  When we got to his house, We were Astonished at how unbelievably cute he was.    His black curls and puppy dog eyes melted our hearts. 

It turns out Daphne isn't particularly fond of him, but she's getting used to him.  Today is day 4 with Crosby, and I'm loving it.  He is a nut.  He sleeps with his legs in the air, bite your toes, chases you around the house, and walks side ways, and runs smack into your legs. But he is amazing and full of love and goofiness.

He really is a good dog.  He is 8 weeks old and almost fully house trained.  He is calm and gentle (most of the time :p ) and Doesn't fuss when being held.  His only issues is biting, and refusing to go into his crate. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Crosby. 

Puppy play date!

'These smell yummy'

Here sure is something.

I love him so much. I love having two dogs again. I am so lucky to have Crosby and Daphne. 

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