Thursday, May 16, 2013

20 things I love about summer

          20 things I love about summer
  1. Being able to see my school friends pretty much whenever I want.
  2. The hot weather! Where I live the record is 106 f ', but it doesn't get that high often.
  3.  Swimming in the pool in my backyard.
  4.  Lemonade stands.
  5. The ice cream truck!
  6. Giant water balloon fights.
  7. Camping.
  8. Going to the beach.
  9. Wearing shorts and tank-tops.
  10. Bike rides.
  11. Block-island (in Rhode island.)
  12. Our family vacation (this year we're going to Maine!)
  13. Cookouts!
  14. My Birthdays in August:)
  15. Not as much Schoolwork (I still have to do math...)
  16. Pool parties!!!
  17. Catching fireflies.
  18. Fun field trips.
  19. The beauty of the season. Flowers, butterflies, birds. 
  20. Doing everything outside.

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  1. I love summer too! All of it, except the 106 degrees.......


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