Friday, October 26, 2012


I can't wait till halloween! This year I am being Taylor Swift. I made a duct tape guitar (even though it looks more like a banjo). I am going to curl my hair, wear a cowgirl hat, and a skirt. I am really exited! I hope I get lots of Skittles, Candy Corn, and Snickers. What is your favorite Halloween candy? Here are five reasons why I love Halloween:

1. CANDY!!!!
2. Friends
4. Decorations
5. Scary movies

One of my favorite Halloween-ish movies is The witches (based on Roald Dahls book, which is also great). It is really creepy. 

A short summery of 'THE WITCHES' 

The Witches is about a boy 'Luke' who gets two pet mice for his birthday. To celebrate his birthday he and his grandmother go to a seaside hotel. What they didn't realize is that in the same hotel is taking place the annual witch convention. 

Luke knows a lot about witches because his grandmother (who he lives with) as a kid got attacked by one. Luke takes his mice to explore the hotel (after strictly been told not to) and brings them into a ballroom, but that is the room that the witch convention is held in, so the witches come in (Luke is hiding) and the Grand High Witch tells all the witches in England her plan on how to kill every child in the country. Luke has to develop a plan on how to stop her, but the Grand high witch already used her invention on him...

Well, I hope you have an awesomely scary Halloween!

Thursday, October 4, 2012



LCC is my cupcake club. LCC stands for Lilah's Cupcake Club. The club is made out of a small group of people that like to bake. We meet at my house, about every once a month, to bake. One day I would like to own a bakery, so LCC is helping me make more challenging recipes and  to have fun with my friends. 

Every month before we have our 'meeting' I make posters explaining what we will be baking that month. On Sept. 29 (our last and second meeting) We made peanut butter balls, and double chocolate cupcakes. We made the peanut butter balls first, so while the cupcakes were baking, we decorated chinese take-out containers with cute fall themed stickers and we filled them up with peanut butter balls, and brought them down to the local fire station! It was really great to make somebody that helps us all the time happy! 

Inside the fire station we saw where the fire fighters sleep, lounge, and eat! The inside of a fire station is very interesting. When we got to back to my house we frosted and decorated the cupcakes, and of course dug in!