Tuesday, December 11, 2012

25 days of Christmas

One day during the week before Dec.1  my Mom went to the library. She came home with a big bag full of books. At the library she had gotten 25 Christmas books.  I wrapped all 25 books in cute Santa Clause and elf wrapping paper and I put them in a stack in the corner of our living room. Every night since Dec.1  me and my family unwrap one book and take turns reading it aloud. So far we have read some very good books and some not so well written books. Here are the books that we have read so far (we have missed a few days do to sleep overs and forgetfulness)

After the title of the book I will type a number. The number can go up to 5.    5 means it was a good book 3-4 mean it was okay and 1-2 mean it wasn't that good.

Babushka : 3 (by Charles Mikolaycak)

Four friends at Christmas : 2 (by Tomie DePaola)

The wee Christmas cabin : 4 (by Margret Hodges)

It's a wonderful life for kids : 5 (by Jimmy Hawkins)

Lucy's Christmas : 4 (by Donald Hall)

The Third Gift : 5 (by Linda Sue Park)

What's coming for Christmas : 2 (Kate Banks)

Auntie Claus : 1 (by Elise Primavera)

Christmas in the country : 1 (by Cynthia Rylant) 

My two favorites were: It's a wonderful life for kids and The Third Gift.

 It's a wonderful life for kids is about Tommy Bailey. During a time of crisis in Tommy's life, an angel-in-training grants Tommy's wish of wanting to have never been born. Arthur, the angel-in-training, shows Tommy what would of happened to his friends, family, and neighborhood if he had never been born.

The Third Gift is about a boy, who shares his father's passion of collecting sap tears. The boy and his father have found a tear of unusual size, big enough to fill his two hands. At the market three strangers, foreigners, buy the tears, to give to a new born baby.

I like The Third Gift because the story is interesting, well written and the illustrations are beautiful.

I like It's a wonderful life for kids because it includes a sweet story that makes you smile.

Two years ago I did a post about my Elf on the Shelf, Elfie. Well, Elfie came back from the North Pole on Dec.1. Turns out he loves The Third Gift too! We found him in the basket where we keep all our Christmas books reading The Third Gift! 

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did!  I'll keep you updated on what other books I read!

Here are some pictures of the books, Elfie, etc...

The books at the library

The books after I wrapped them

Elfie and The Third Gift

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