Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hurricane Sandy hit us Monday and it got really bad Monday afternoon.  Monday evening we lost power.   No power was really hard, but also really fun!

I enjoy playing board games by candle light instead of watching t.v, and using lanterns instead of lights, and no tv or iPads is actually kind of nice! The really bad things about no power are no hot meals,  no hot showers, and no wifi. I would have liked wifi... I am currently addicted to Instagram so it was hard losing wifi...  Thankfully on Wednesday, my kind Aunt and Uncle brought their generator (they already got their power back) to my house and hooked it up to our t.v, fish tank, kitchen lights, refrigerator, and... Wifi! I was able to Instagram again! 

After the storm me, my sister, and my dad went on a destruction walk, so we could see what damage Sandy had done. At the park the next block over from my house a huge pine tree fell. We saw down power lines, trees on houses, shattered car windshields, and many down branches. It was amazing. And scary. I am so glad our house didn't get damage, because we saw so many houses that did. 

Next we went to the beach. The sea wall was in pieces. The railing and steps leading down to the sand were broken. The beach was yards longer than it was three days before. 

We lost power for four days. We got power back Friday at about 9:00 at night. 

Sea wall during  storm
I hope all the people who lost their homes from Hurricane Sandy are okay. Did you get any damage? Comment and tell me! 
Sea wall after storm

After storm

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  1. I like the way you put the during and after pictures together. You get a good feeling for how far the tide came up that day. To think all that the ocean level rose that much is truly frightening. I am glad it is over and that we stayed safe.


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