Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Peabody Museum

Last week we went to the Peabody Museum! At the Peabody Museum I learned a LOT... a lot more than I thought I would!  I learned things such as: how to identify a meteorite, how much sugar is in Arizona Iced Tea, what life would be like if I were an ant, and many other cool, interesting things. 

I went with my three friends, so it was a lot of fun! At the museum there is a new exhibit called 'Big Food'.  In the 'Big Food' exhibit I learned how heavy 5 pounds of fat is, how much sugar is in beverages, how hard you have to work to burn off enough calories for 1 single pretzel stick, and more. It takes a lot of work to burn off tiny pretzel stick. In the exhibit there is a big bicycle that you can go on and if you petal for long enough you can get the light to go to the top of the tube, which means you burn off enough calories for  a baby carrot, a strawberry, and one pretzel stick. I could not do it. The bike was not a normal bike, because it had extremely heavy wheels which made it harder. I think I only burned off enough calories for the one pretzel and the carrot, but I could not make it to the strawberry... but it was still a lot of fun. There were other things in the exhibit too, like a game where you have to guess how much sugar, oil, and salt is in a specific food, and you see how close you can get. 

The Big Food exhibit was really fun, and I would highly recommend it to somebody who was looking for a great learning experience in CT!

Me on the bicycle 

Don't worry it's only rubber!

Me playing the game

Crazy amounts of sugar!

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  1. Lilah, I love this post! I am so glad you liked the visit as much as you did. I enjoyed it as well. Not only did it tie in perfectly with the learning we have been doing about health and nutrition, we were able to walk around the rest of the museum and look at the cool exhibits!


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