Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am so extremely sorry that I have not blog posted in 6 months!  I am going to make a goal to try to post at least once a week (but please do not get mad at me if sometimes I break that goal)!  Well here's this week's blog post:)

I turned 10 on Saturday!  For my birthday I decided to go to Hoboken (NJ) so I could go to a very special bakery... Carlo's Bakery!!!!! If you do not know what Carlo's Bakery is, then here is a short description: Carlo's bakery is the best bakery ever and the bakery's owner is a big time celebrity named Buddy and is is the main character in my all time favorite T.V. show named CAKE BOSS!!!!!!!!! 

I love baking (cupcakes especially) and one day I would like to work at, or own a bakery, so I was really excited to go to a famous bakery,  but what I didn't know was that we would  have to wait in a two block line for almost a  hour and a half (while a very annoying man sang songs and made fun of Buddy)! But it was totally worth it.  When we finally got inside we got my birthday cake, eclairs, cupcakes , cannolis, and lobster tails.  My cupcake was the best out of all of them.  It was soooo delicious! I didn't get to see Buddy because he was working at a cake factory:(
but I got to stand next to a cardboard cut out of him:)  Now I can wear Carlo's Bakery wherever I go because I got a tee shirt!!! It is brown and pink and completely awesome!!!!! I would totally recommend this place and I would also recommend shopping at the shops nearby (especially the German bakery. They have good pretzels. Yum)!  Here are some pictures so you can see my experience at Carlo's Bakery!

My cake


Me waiting outside of Carlo's bakery 

Me with the cardboard cut out of buddy


  1. Souds like a lot of fun! I like to watch Cake Boss just so I can see the cakes.I awarded you at my blog:


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