Sunday, February 26, 2012

16 Reasons why summer should come 4 weeks months (even worse) earlier!!!!!

  1. So I would be happy
  2. So I can get the third book to my fav series  that comes in june 
  3. So I can play basketball (outside) without any gloves
  4. So I will be ten!
  5. So I can swim in my pool
  6. So it would be warm
  7. So I can go to the beach
  8. So I can have a pool party
  9. So I can have a cook out
  10. So I can were shorts for p.j.'s
  11. So I can go on a vacation (and yes I know that you can also go on vacations in other seasons but summer vacation is special)
  12. So I can have popsicles 
  13. So I can catch fireflies 
  14. So I can stay up late 
  15. So I don't have to do as much school work
  16. So I can go outside to play a board game                                                                                            

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  1. I would like summer now too. At first I didn't, I wanted snow. I still want snow, but summer would be nice. I am looking forward to beach nights. What is the thing on that list that you want most???????



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