Friday, September 16, 2011

my new poll!

Hello everybody!  This morning I added a poll!  With my poll you can vote on your favorite subject!  Just pick you favorite subject and hit vote!  You have 68 days to vote.  I hope you have fun with my poll!


  1. Isn't it very cool when you learn how to do something new? Adding a poll is a great way to get people interested in your blog. I will put this on Facebook for you to see how many votes you can get. Right now it looks tied with each subject receiving 25% of the votes.

  2. I loved food. I like to cook, it, loved to eat and loved to share recipes.

  3. What was YOUR favorite subject? Let me guess. It's not listed. Art? Food? Art as well as food (cooking) can be related to all of the subjects you have listed. The more you learn about each, you will see how they are related.
    Good job, Fashionbug!

  4. i like history, art, and, science


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