Friday, August 26, 2011

my birthday!

Yesterday I turned 9!  I had so much fun!  I spent the day at HorseGirl's house ( you can find her under blogs I like to read)  I had lots of fun!  For presents I got a little bumblebee pillow pet, a peacock webkinz that I have wanted for ever, a big box of Lego's, a Lego building Bord, a spa book, a LOT of cooking stuff, mini mysteries 3, two cute little dolls a book about butterflies and moths, a chalk on the block Klutz book, and I think that's all.  I am having a Hawaiian themed party on Monday!  I am very excited!  Read more about my birthday at my Mom's blog here.


  1. Hope you had an amazing birthday! We can't wait to party like a Hawaiian soon!

  2. Happy birthday! I found you through your moms blog. Love the sparkler on top of your cake!


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