Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my wonderful dogs!

I haven't done many blog posts about my dogs so I thought that it was about time that I did.  Enjoy!

She is black, small and super cute!  She is also lazy.  She loves to cuddle up and rest on your lap.  Today I was lying in my bean-bag and she sat right smack on my head! Our glass door lets a lot of sun into the house so she always lays right in the sunny spot and sun-bathes! When I take her for walks she even finds a sunny spot to lay down in! Even thought she is a little lazy she is still one of the best dogs ever.

 He is big, cute, golden, and very crazy!  He is crazy because he trys to summersault into Winnie (my sister)'s lap!  Sometimes he actually succeeds!   He jumps up about 3 feet when he hears the song I got a feeling by The Blackeyed Peas.  His head literally reaches up to my dad's head when he jumps!!!  Plus he has a ridiculously long tongue! Jake is also one of the best dogs ever. 



  1. Dogs are a blessing and a lot of responsibility. Sounds as though they really enjoy living with your family, almost as much as you enjoy having them. Who does the doggy clean-up? Do you and Winnie take turns keeping they yard free of doggie-do?

    What do you think? Do they have human type feelings? Do your dogs dream? Do they watch TV? Have you been able to teach them any tricks? Do they talk to you?

    Will wait for your next post about them. Woof- woof-woooof. (Doggy talk for have a great week.)

  2. Oh, the cuteness of your dogs! Do they pull on their leashes like crazy when you take them for a walk? Rufo does, and it makes it very hard on him and us, the girls can't take him because of that...


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