Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My and friends S. and M. went to the Forest on Monday. We had lots of fun.  We climed lots of rocks.  Our friends S.  and I. were supposed to come but their mom was not feeling well.  We went to find branches for our botany (the study of plants) journals which we made together.  We found some cool leaves and we are going to find out what kind of tree they came from.  My mom also took some pictures! Enjoy!


  1. that was indeed a good hike. It sounds like you had fun!!!!


  2. Which do you like better, winter or summer? My guess is summer so you can get out and enjoy learning about all of the plants that are waking up from their winter sleep.
    Hope you didn't pick up any poison ivy>

  3. grampa,

    unlike most people I like winter and summer almost equally! me and my family have ben working in our garden. so far we've pulled some weeds and killed some grubs.


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