Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010


You might not belive me but it’s true, there really is an elf in my house. 2 years ago, on my mom’s birthday, my cousin slept over and we were all playing a board game (I think) when my dad said “Are you trying to trick me?” Nobody knew what he was talking about so we all just walked over to the door my dad was staring out. Then on the front steps there it was... it was an elf!!!!!!!! He was sitting on a book. A book that said ELF ON THE SHELF on the cover. Me and my sister, Winnie read the book and it said, This elf will hide every night and you will have to find him each and every morning. He will see you every where you go, and he will go up to the North Pole every night,and ethier give santa a good report on how you have acted earlier that day or a bad one. This is our third year having him.