Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Story (not titled yet......)

MY STORY (not titled yet.........)

Chapter one          Basic Facts

Do you ever feel like your just out of place?  That's how I feel every day. I have friends that are four years older then me. I am eleven and they are fifteen. When I went to the school dance every one was either in a suit or dress.  I was in jeans and a tee-shirt.  It seems like my family does’t like me that much either.  I also fail at school. 

Hi! call me Scarlett, Scarlett Hannen that is, and here are some more facts you should know about me.  My favorite school subject is history.  I hate school.  I’m dying to be homeschooled.  And I do not love having an eighteen year old  brother either.

Chapter two          School

RING! RING! RING! My alarm clock woke me up at 7:30 Monday morning.
“BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!”, yelled Mom. 
I could already smell waffles with eggs on the side.  Yum!!  I got dressed in my favorite yellow tee-shirt and went downstairs for breakfast. 
“Hey booger head”, said Ryan, my older brother.  
“Shut u”, but before I could finish, my Mom stopped me.  Instead of ignoring her, I hit her in the shoulder.  Oops. 
“Go to time out!”, yelled my Mom, “and while you’re up there get dressed!"
I realized I was eating  breakfast in my supergirl underpants.  Maybe that's why my brother is always mean to me.  Again, oops.

Chapter 3 Mr. Sand
I put on a plaid skirt.  JOKING!  I’d rather die then wear a skirt!
I put on jeans and waited  for the bus.  When the bus came I 
stepped in gum ( probably my own) and missed the bus.  This happens all the time.  I had to walk two miles to school.  When I got to school, all the kids laughed at me.  I did not know why.  I knew I was forgetting something. I forgot to brush my hair!  You would die if you saw me in the morning without my hair brushed.  Mr. Sand came out of school.  He peered at me and he tossed me a brush.  “Thanks!” I called out.  That was weird because he is the meanest teacher EVER and I mean EVER!  
Chapter 4  Trouble
I walked into my class.  Ms. Nubble is my teacher.  She is okay.  I don’t think she likes me.  To tell you the truth, I don’t think she likes anybody.  During storytime, I let out a huge fart!  bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrooooooo!  Ha Ha Ha screamed everybody.  To the Principal’s office Scarlett!  What?  It was just a fart!
Chapter 5 Worst Day Ever
Mr. Sand is the Principal.  I know...scary huh?  Detention for two weeks!  “Come on!”, I said.  I can get in a lot of trouble.  
Chapter 6 A Mad Mom
When I got home from school my Mom stared at me. 
 “I got a call from Mr. Sand” Mom said.  
“I’m sorry Mom” I said.  Mom hugged me. 
“What was that for?” I yelled.  I ran into the living room and cried.  
Chapter 7 Weekend
It’s Saturday!  Yea!  It’s the weekend.  That means my Dad is home from Virginia! ( He was on a business trip).  
“Hey! Angel.” yelled Dad.  We are going golfing today! 
 “That’s great Dad.” I said, “but I kind of got detention.”
“What!” yelled Dad.
“Am I grounded?” I asked.
“Does your Mother know about this?”
“Yes Dad.”
“Then, no.  But Honey.......”
“I’m sorry!!!” I cried running up to my room.
Chapter 8 Sunday
“Scarlett! Scarlett!”, said Mom shaking me trying to wake me up, “It’s 9:00am.”
“What?”, I asked.  
“We’re going ice skating today with your friends.” said Mom.
“I know I got detention....”, I said sleep talking.  Mom pulled me out of bed.  Mom told me I have to shower so I went in the shower and after I put on an orange baseball cap, threw on sweatpants, and put on a blue shirt with flowers.  
“Don’t forget your ice skates!”, yelled Mom from downstairs.
I pulled my ice skates out of my closet and shoved them in my bag.  
Chapter 9 Ice Skating
To tell you the truth, I’ve only been ice skating three times.  Please don’t laugh.  When we got to the ice rink, I fell on the cement.  I got a big huge bruise on my knee and I cried in front of all my friends.  I was so embarrassed. My friends Ivy, Jenna, Jessica, Rachel, Allie and Anna were there.  Icy is twelve, Jenna is ten, Jessica is eleven, Rachel is twelve, Allie is eleven and Anna is twelve.  None of my fifteen year old friends were there.
Chapter 10 Bye Bye Bike
I was riding my bike with my friend Allie when my bike bumped into a curb, flipped the bile and flipped me into a rose bush.  When I crawled out of the bush, I was covered in scratches, thorns and blood.  When Allie saw me start to cry, she went running to get my Mom.Good thing I was only allowed to go three blocks away from home.  When my Mom finally arrived (she is slower than a slug) she brought like twenty band aids and a huge bottle of first aid cream.  Every time she pulled a thorn out of my skin, I screamed (not just for fun).  I was in so much pain.  By the time she was done, I was covered in band aids and blogs of first aid cream.  Although I looked like a freak, I did feel much better.
Chapter 11 Shylee
It is the first day of winter.  I am in the bus.  I am in the bus going to school.  A weird guy is burping.  He is sitting right next to me.  This girl is across from me.  I think she is new to school.  She has a big smile and is laughing.  She is sitting next to a boy.  I don’t like boys.  But I do like my Dad.  She has long blond hair.  She is pretty.  I bed she is happy, unlike me.  I was to say Hi.  I had to force myself not to.  When we finally get to school, the girl comes up to me.  She says hi and tells me that her name is Shaylee.  Like I care......  I want to walk away but I don't.  I say hi.  I tell her my name is Scarlett.  I go into school.  She follows me.  I ask her if she is new.  She said yes.  
“I come from Kansas.”, Shylee said. 
“Wow.”, I say.
Chapter 12 Class
When I get into class it is all decorated with Christmas stuff.  
“When is your birthday?”, I ask Shylee.  She says, “June thirteenth.  When’s yours?”
I answer, “January sixth”.  
“Hello class.”, says Mrs. Nubble.
“ugggh.”, I groan.
“Is there something you would like to share with the class Scarlett?”, Mrs. Nubble asks.
I say no.
Chapter 13 Recess
Rrrriiiinnnng.  The bell just rang for recess.  Me and Shylee run outside together.  We play on the slide.  We trade phone numbers.  We play tag.  We have fun.  It is time to go home.  I grab my folder and shove it in my back pack.
Chapter 14 Home
When I get home, I smell pancakes.  
“Pancakes for dinner again?”, I ask.  I hate pancakes.
“Yes.”, says Mom.
I tell Mom all about Shylee and how at recess she told me she’d teach me how to fit in and be popular.
“Is that really what you want honey?”, asks Mom.
“So bad!”, I reply.
“Ok.”, she says in a weird kind of way, “Let me tell you a story.  When I was a year older than you, I was very popular.  
“When you were twelve?”, I interrupted.
“Yes.”, Mom said looking at me sternly, “As I was saying...”  She went on with the story. “Everybody was so jealous and they started picking on me.  Some hit me, some pranked me.  Some even kicked me.  I just wished my friend has taught me not to be popular.  Be yourself.
“But nobody likes me when I am myself!”, I whine.
“Don’t whine.” Mom said, “And remember, I’ll still like you if you be yourself.”
Important Lessons
From that day on I learned that people will still love me if I be myself, and that I don’t have to change to make friends.
Then End.