Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marine Treat Packs

My aunt and my cousin came over two days go and brought Halloween goodies like candy and mini toys for my uncle that is in war right now.   We packed all the stuff in boxes and we have to bring them to the post office to send them to Afghanistan.

We also sent little treat bags for his men.  In the mini bags there were things like mini bags of Goldfish,and stickers,and lollipops. We gave him and his men a LOT of candy Pez.
I think my uncle is going to like all the things that we gave him.

This is a picture of my uncle.


  1. That was really nice.

    God Bless your uncle and people who serve our country in the military!

  2. Lilah- The project that you, Winnie and your cousins put together will definitely make your Uncle Paul and his fellow Marines smile! Do you think they'll have a mischief night in Afghanistan?

  3. Lilah, you'll have to let us how your uncle and his men liked their treat bags. Do you have a theme in mind for his next package? I can't wait to hear your ideas. Please share them with us.


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