Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Me and my family were driving home from Stop and Shop and my Mom spotted a little brown and white shih-tzu sniffing the telephone pole that is outside our house.  I went up to the dog and she seemed friendly so my Mom put her in our dog’s kennel (bathroom area).  On her collar was her owner’s phone number and her name, which is Jazmine.  
When you normally find a lost dog, you would call the phone number but the phone number was not in service because the owner’s switched from AT&T to Cablevision that day.  We had to keep Jazmine overnight. 
We were coming back (from I don’t know where) and I saw a picture of Jazmine on a missing dog sign.  So we called the number again and the owner said they were at the Animal Shelter.  With Jazime, we went to the Animal Shelter and we dropped her off with her owners and said good-bye.


  1. Dear Lilah,
    Wow! I cant belive you have a blog! You will enjoy it. Have fun!


  2. Hi Winnie,
    I'm glad you think I am going to love bloging ! I hope so to!!!!!!!!!!
    You like my fish? Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

  3. Dear fashion bug,
    I do like the fish.Well, bye!

  4. Well Lilah- I was wondering when you were going to start your own blog! How did Jake and Daphne like having a visit from Jasmine? Was Jasmine happy to see her family? They must have been heartbroken while she was lost.
    Can't wait for your next post!!

  5. Just think Lilah. If you had not been able to find the dogs owner you could have ended up with another dog to keep Jake and Daphney company.
    Grampa TN

  6. Hi Lilah! Congrats on the blog!! I loved hearing what happened to Jazmine. It's so wonderful that she found a nice family like yours to spend the night with or who knows what could have happened!

  7. I remember when you had that cute dog. I am glad you took her in and reunited her and the owner again. That makes you and your family special. A lot of people would not have taken her in. Weird, but true.
    I had a fun time feeding your fish!

  8. I think you were so thoughtful to help out Jasmine. I think you also have good writing skills like your mom and your sister, but most of all you have good dog rescue skills just like your aunt!! HAHA! Great job!!

  9. Thank you all for writing to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I think Jazmine was very smart to hang around your telephone pole and I'm sure she was very grateful to have such an exciting overnight adventure with your family. We're so glad you were able to return her to her family and I'm sure she appreciates everything you did to help her.
    Lori Michalak

  11. Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for all the comments!!!!!!!!
    we saw Jazmine and her family on there front porch today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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