Friday, October 15, 2010

If I were rich....

If I were rich I would first buy a hot tub, then a 100 new songs on my ipod and 50 more of my favorite kind of hats. What would you first buy if you were rich? I woud also buy a few more of my favorite kind of stylish scarves! I might even buy a few science kits!!!

I do wish that I wish were rich.


  1. If I were rich, I would buy a lot of land. On the land, I would build an beautiful animal shelter, where I could help house and take care of the animals until they found the perfect families to be adopted out to. If there was any money left after that....well, then I would shoe shopping of course!!

  2. Being rich might be a little overrated. Though money (being rich) can be an indicator of your successful learning, your happiness will not be found in lots of things. It is found all around you now. You just have to see it. You have more of it than many do because you have family, friends and pets who love you just the way you are. By the way, thanks for the cupcake, Cupcake!

  3. This is a good question. If I were rich my husband could stay home and homeschool with us! We could travel more--although I hate packing and unpacking and making itineraries, but if I were rich someone could handle all of that for me!

  4. If I were rich I wouldn't buy something. Instead, I would travel. To all the exotic and not-so-exotic places I've always wanted to visit, such as: Alaska, Greece, Nashville, Washington DC, Ireland, Nova Scotia, Hawaii, the Caribbean.... and I would take friends and family with me so we could all enjoy it!

  5. Fashionbug,

    I know what you mean. Sometimes when we all watch House Hunters I look at homes with master bedrooms and bathrooms, walk in closets and ginormous kitchens. I would want a huge kitchen to cook in, a big yard so I could have chickens and goats (imagine all those fresh eggs), my own bathroom with my own sink so Dad's shaving stuff would not be in my way. I would want a garage attached to the house so I would not get wet or cold walking from the car to the house. I would want a barn, a skating pond and an apple tree. And then, once I had all that, maybe I would start thinking about a vacation home in Puerto Rico or Hawaii, or Florida.........

  6. I really like Spike!!!!!!!!! And Jack is cute!!!!!!!! Have fun with him.



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