Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween! Boo!!

BOO! Did I scare you? What are you being for Halloween??? I am being Carly from I Carly!!!!! What’s your favorite kind of candy? Mine is probably Gummy bears or The three musketeers. I love Halloween!!!!! A lot of houses around where I live

already have Halloween decorations! What's your favorite holiday? Mine is Christmas and my second favorite is probably Halloween. I’m glad we have Halloween!!!!!!


  1. My favorite holiday is Christmas too! I love the whole month of December...all of the anticipation and preparation!

    I love Heath bars and peanut m&ms.

    I've already decorated my house for Halloween.

    Did you decorate your house for Halloween?

  2. Mine is Christmas, and then Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and then easter, and then Cinco de Mayo, and labor day, and then the 4th of July, then Valentine's day, and I invented my own, sometime in feb, usually on a very cold dreary day, it's called, Eaticecreamforbreakfastanddrink hotcocoawithlotsofwhippedcreamandchocolatesprinklesday.

  3. You did scare me! For Halloween I will be a hippie. PEACE!!!! My favorite kind of candy is a HUGE tootsie roll! I like Christmas and Halloween too!

    I liked meeting you today. I hope we get together again. Maybe you can come over my house.

  4. Hi there! I am going to be a pirate wench and my dog is going to be a pirate! I tried to find matching costumes for me and my doggy.

  5. Boo! My favorite candy is reeses and twizzlers. My favorite Holiday is Christmas but the whole month of December is the best too when the elf visits us each day with lots of surprises.

    love you - daddy

  6. Hi dad! I can not whait till the elf comes!!!!!!!
    Did you know that Marlin has an elf???

  7. Theresa,
    we do not have any outside decorations up yet but we do have
    some inside decorations up.

  8. hey Kim!
    I made up my own holiday also!
    its called...


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